What Happens When You Put a Brain in an Analogue Car

Analogue Car

Historically, the dashboard of a car has shown all kinds of information, in real-time, on the operation and status of the vehicle. It is something we are all used to. But having that information in view allows us to anticipate errors and breakdowns. As long as we listen to him. That and knowing what specifically happens to your car before going to the workshop.

Analogue Car

The downside is that the standard vehicle shows only internal information. At most, the outside temperature. The next step in your modernization, obtain external data to make driving decisions. Also to avoid traffic jams and to avoid reckless driving. And here the Internet has an important role that answers the question: how to improve my car?

In the network, there are many articles answering that question in a thousand ways. But few take into account things like turning your analogue car into a connected car. This may not prevent you from running out of oil or getting a flat tire. But it will help you find the best route or avoid a traffic jam that will waste time and fuel. In short, having an assistant accompany you during the trip while you decide what to do.

Improve my car by connecting it to the network

It is increasingly common to find vehicles that integrate a screen on the dashboard. Where before the temperature controls or any other appliance used to go, today we come across screens that give access to services such as Internet music, driving maps, calls and messages, etc. It can be called in many ways, but it is often referred to as a trip computer. An evolution and complement of the traditional dashboard.

This makes it easier for the driver to obtain external information with which to make better decisions behind the wheel. From finding the best route to get to a place, receiving notifications of appointments or meetings or even seeing the status of our vehicle, in the most modern models.

The future of motoring

From the analogue car to the connected car. With something apparently as simple as including a computer inside the vehicle, we obtain advantages such as knowing more about the health status of the car or receiving data over the Internet such as inclement weather, the closest gas stations or if the road through which we are going to transit is closed to traffic. With something so simple I can improve my car and increase safety levels.

Data, information and decisions. What before we had to do manually and on the go, today it is possible to do it more comfortably thanks to the use of the smartphone and the greater amount of data that the car itself can give us if it has connectivity functions or integrates a touch screen.

Real-time information and services

The same goes for the ability to get from one point to another. With the same ease with which we have integrated a music or radio system in cars, digital maps or GPS devices are becoming more and more frequent, providing the vehicle with updated data and maps thanks to the Internet. The level of detail makes it easy to find specific establishments or services, traffic warnings or road incidents, and other amenities.

By equipping an analogue car or vehicle with connected car functions, it becomes more than just a means of transportation. It also integrates personal assistant functions, allowing the use of notices or alerts when the car requires maintenance or when an appointment is activated in our personal or work calendar.

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