Reasons Why You Should Turn Off Your Phone

Turn Off Your Phone

When was the last time you turned off your phone? Surely when it stopped working properly or hung. What’s more, I bet the last time your smartphone was turned off it was because it ran out of battery, not because you wanted to turn off your phone by hand. The eternal debate on whether or not to turn off an electronic device or device, such as your Movistar Router. Eternal because there are answers for all sides. Will it extend its useful life? Will it work better when you turn it on again?

Turn Off Your Phone

Turning off your smartphone has its advantages. Keep it on too. Another aspect that influences is the use you make of your phone. If you use it as an alarm clock in the morning, turning it off at night is not highly recommended. On the other hand, if it is your work phone, turning it off outside of office hours is more than recommended, with few exceptions.

Here are a number of reasons, reasons and arguments why you should turn off your phone or, conversely, keep it on. Surely you empathize with some of them and find an answer to your question.

Turn off your phone to solve your problems

The computer advice to turn the computer off and on has permeated popular culture to the point that it seems like a joke how obvious it is. The reality is that turning off, waiting a few seconds, and turning on an electronic device often helps to solve its performance problems.

The same goes for a smartphone. If it’s slow, consumes a lot of battery, does weird things, or there are features that don’t work, turning your phone off and on again might fix it. The reason, when you turn the phone on again, you start the processes and applications by default and close apps that may have been frozen.


Come on, if your phone fails, turning it off and on is the first solution to consider before taking it to technical service or trying more drastic solutions.

It is also practical for updating applications or the system itself. Sometimes certain apps are denied or have trouble updating. Turning off your phone and turning it back on will help finish the update process, both for applications and the operating system itself, although the latter is already in charge of restarting the phone, so we don’t have to do anything by hand.

Turn off your phone so you don’t get disturbed

One of lime and another of sand. Turning off your phone will prevent you from being disturbed. But if something important and unexpected comes up, you won’t be available. In other words, there are other methods of silencing your phone’s noise that you don’t care about while still being there for emergencies.

At any time of the day when you do not want to be disturbed, you can activate the Do not disturb mode of your Android or iPhone to continue receiving messages and notifications without your phone disturbing you. What’s more, you can currently set exceptions to alert you to messages or calls from important contacts.

At night, for example, you can turn off your phone so as not to be disturbed. But if someone makes an emergency call, you won’t get it. Do not disturb mode is more practical, also if your phone serves as a morning alarm clock. But, of course, you can always use a classic alarm clock and/or with an emergency battery.

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